Building Next

Heart. Authenticity. Purpose. Intention.
Embodying/evangelizing the above to build a better next.

Product Consulting

My Product Philosophy:
(1) Love what you build/do and it will love you tf back. Customers can always feel when a product was built by people that enjoyed making it (or not).
(2) Have a strong why. This >>> than any framework.
(3) Sprinkle some magic. Being logical only gets you so far.
(4) More focus on creating, less on competing.

I consult on Product/strategy on a part-time basis. If any of this resonates, reach out for availability.

Links to my CV and LinkedIn below.

Writing & Philosophy

I write on Substack about heart consciousness and tapping in to create beauty/magic in life, career, business and the world.

Philosophy. Business is based on survival of the fittest, ensuring paranoid leaders/companies starve for scale, and compete in fight or flight mode for scarce resources/attention. No wonder most end up peddling undifferentiated and commoditized products/services.

I truly believe the new paradigm for building successful and thriving businesses is heart-led. But this isn’t some idealistic philosophy where it’s all peaches and cream.

The key elements are:
Heart (courage to feel and listen to your gut)Shadow (facing our demons and programmed beliefs)Purpose (having an authentic Why)Intent (having a conscious Where).
(See my writing for more - link below)


I write (on Substack) on the future of business, careers and what's next. Feel free to use one of the links below to connect directly.

Thank You

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